Re-exporting receipts

Last updated on Mar 09, 2021


To re-export a receipt, it must first be un-archived and moved back to your receipt inbox.

See Un-archiving to learn how to un-archive receipts.

Re-export type

When un-archiving a receipt you have the option to Clear export data. When you clear the export data, you remove the audit trail of the original export, and any link that the receipt had between your Receipt Stash account and the app it was exported to.

Un-archive receipt confirmation

Clear export data

Do this when you want to perform a fresh re-export and create a new record in your connected app.

Do not clear export data

Do this when the exported record is still present in your connected app, and you want to update the existing record in your connected app.

The existing record must be present in your connected app and in an editable state. When re-exporting you must export the receipt to the same location that it was originally exported to.

Perform the re-export

Once the receipt is back in your inbox you can export the receipt again.