Receipt approvals

Last updated on Mar 09, 2021


Receipt approvals can be turned on or off for each account user.

If a user has receipt approvals turned on, any receipts they submit will appear in the receipt inbox with a yellow label stating Pending Approval.

While a receipt is pending approval, it cannot be exported, archived or added to an expense report.

Turning on the approval setting

If you're an admin user, navigate to Account Admin > Users.

Open a user record by clicking on the green username in the user table, and click on the User Settings tab.

User settings tab

Under the General Settings section, toggle the Item Approvals setting and save your changes by clicking the green Save Changes button at the bottom of the tab window.

User item approval setting

Approving or rejecting receipts

Change the approval status of a receipt by clicking on the yellow Pending Approval label to right of the merchant name in your receipt inbox.

Receipt pending approval

Select the approval action from the action dropdown list and then click the green Confirm button in the bottom right-hand corner of the approval window.

Update receipt approval status

Filter by approval status

To show only receipts with a specified approval status, filter the receipt table by Approval Status.

See Applying filters for more information on filtering the receipt table.