Frequently asked questions

Last updated on Mar 07, 2021

Plans and limits

How much does Receipt Stash cost?

We have a number of volume-based plans to choose from, depending on the number of receipts you submit per month. Vist our pricing page for more information.

Are there different features for different plans?

Each plan includes all features. The only difference between plans is the monthly submission limit.

What happens when I reach the scan limit for my plan?

Each submission over your plan limit will be charged at the per item excess rate according to your plan, and will be added on to your next bill.

Can I change plans part way through a billing month?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade plans at any time. Your next bill will be prorated with either a discount or an additional fee depending on if you downgraded or upgraded.

Billing and subscriptions

How do I pay for Receipt Stash?

When you choose a plan you will be asked to enter a debit or credit card number. This card will be automatically charged every month.

How can I view my subscription details and billing history?

Login to your Receipt Stash account and navigate to Account Admin > Account Details and click on the Subscription and Billing tabs.

When can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your plan at any time by navigating to Account Admin > Account Details and clicking on the Subscription tab. If you have an outstanding balance please email us so we can settle and close your account.

Receipt submission

What type of files can be uploaded to Receipt Stash?

Accepted file types are images (.jpeg, .jpg, .png, .gif) and PDF.

What are the different methods of submitting receipts?

There are four main ways to submit receipts to your Receipt Stash account. See Submission methods for more information.

What is the turn around time for processing receipts?

Unless you're processing a PDF split, receipts will always be processed in real-time and under 5 seconds.

Mobile app

What phones is the mobile app available on?

The Receipt Stash is available for Android on the Google Play Store, and for iOS on the Apple App Store.

What is the purpose of the mobile app?

While you can perform basic functions to manage your receipts, the primary purpose of the Receipt Stash mobile app is a submission tool. It's a way to quickly and easily submit receipt photos to your Receipt Stash account.

What happens if I have no internet connection?

If a receipt submission fails due to no internet connection, it will be saved locally on the phone and will appear at the top of your receipt list in the app under the Draft Items section.

You can optionally choose to save a receipt as a draft for submission at a later date.

Draft items will stay in your app list until you successfully submit them, or until you delete the draft.


Do I need an accounting platform to use Receipt Stash?

Not at all. Receipt Stash does not replace your accounting platform, but if you can use Receipt Stash as a secure management and archive for your expense documents and spend information.

Can I give my bookkeeper or accountant access to my account?

Yes you can. You can either add a user login for your bookkeeper, of if they're a Receipt Stash Partner you can invite them to manage your account.