Splitting PDF files into multiple receipt records

Last updated on Mar 09, 2021


If you have a scanned PDF file with a different receipt or invoice on each page, you can submit the file to Receipt Stash as a PDF split. Each page of the PDF file will be automatically split and added to your inbox as an individual receipt.

A maximum of 50 pages per PDF will be split.

Web uploader

When submitting receipts via the web uploader, click on the Multi-page PDF split option before adding your PDF files to the uploader and clicking the Upload button.

PDF split via web uploader

See Submission methods to learn more about submitting receipts via the web uploader.


When submitting receipts via email-in, include the text #split in the subject line. Any attached PDF files will be split into an individual receipt per PDF page.

PDF split via email

See Submitting receipts via email to learn more about using the email-in feature.