Accurate receipt OCR in less than 5 seconds

TAGGUN is a RESTful API that makes it super easy for developers to integrate real-time receipt OCR scanning and transcription into websites and applications.

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Market leading receipt transcription

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Multi-language support

TAGGUN is a polyglot. It automatically detects the language of your receipt.

Bullseye target

83.67% accuracy

A machine learning algorithm that constantly improves over time.

Productivity clock

5 second response

Super speed machine-only OCR to process your receipts in real-time.


TAGGUN is a RESTful API that extracts meaningful receipt information in real-time, using OCR and machine learning.

  • TAGGUN is a polyglot. It automatically detects the language of any receipt or invoice.

  • Accuracy is benchmarked at 83.67% and is constantly improving with an intelligent machine learning algorithm.

  • Real-time data transcription with response times of 5 seconds or less. No polling or waiting required.

  • Developer friendly APIs supported by C#, Java, Android or iOS. Help documentation, code examples, Postman collections, and developer support are all readily available.

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About Receipt Stash

Receipt Stash is a real-time expense processing and management platform. Capture and code your expense documents in less than 5 seconds.

  • Capture and store your expense documents in a single, secure cloud archive.

  • Reduce data entry with real-time automated data extraction and expense coding in less than 5 seconds.

  • Create expense reports, analyse spend with graph and tabular reports, or export expense data to custom CSV template.

  • Publish your expense data and documents directly to accounting software for a painless accounts payable process.

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By partnering with TAGGUN, Receipt Stash takes care of the data entry and coding of your expense paperwork, in real-time.

Contact us for more information, or get started with Receipt Stash for free.

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