Document with cog

Automatic real-time processing

Automatic data entry and coding of your expenses in less than 5 seconds.

Devices responsive

Multiple submission methods

Capture every expense document with different submission options.

Bank cards

Expense reports

Generate expense reports for team member reimbursements or client billing.

Cloud share

Custom CSV and PDF export

Create custom CSV export templates and custom PDF statements.

Document copy

Duplicate detection

Easily identify and remove duplicate expense documents.

Team of people

Unlimited users

Add as many users to your account as you want, at no extra cost.

Cloud folder

Secure cloud storage

Documents are easily searchable and safely stored in your cloud archive.

Team chat

Team and bookkeeper collaboration

Invite your bookkeeper and other team members to your account.

Analytics chart

Report and track

Intuituve dashboard and reports to track and monitor your spend.


Dropbox Icon


Automatically sync your expense paperwork from your Dropbox account.

Xero Icon


Seamlessly publish your expenses directly to Xero with the click of a button.

QuickBooks Icon


Seamlessly publish your expenses directly to QuickBooks with the click of a button.

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